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Affordable Taxes provides professional income tax services. Our commitment and expertise are to provide accurate and efficient tax services at an affordable cost. We scrutinize tax laws to obtain the largest refund possible – unique to your situation. We provide face to face, online, drop off, and pick-up services.


We are located in Eastpointe, Michigan, on the borderline of Detroit (across from Eastland Mall). We provide annual and quarterly services to all states and the District of Columbia.  We are experienced with all 1040’s, Schedule C (small businesses), non-profits (990), Schedule K’s, partnerships and corporations.


We enlighten clients on new tax laws while minimizing their tax liabilities and maximizing their refund, for a lesser price than most tax companies. Our tax professionals have degrees in accounting, and some are certified public bookkeepers.

We provide bookkeeping services for small businesses at a reasonable cost as well.

We would be honored to provide you with our expert services.

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  1. Thomas Hudson says:

    Congratulations on your web expansion. I have been satisfied each year that I have used Affordable Taxes.

  2. Roberto carter says:

    Nice site

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